Lasvit LIQUIDKRISTAL parametric Architecture Salone Milan 2012:

At the triennale di milano during milan design week 2012, lovegrove and lasvit exhibited an parametric architecture pavilion.

The ‘liquidkristal’ technology in the ‘lasvit liquidkristal (LLK) pavilion': a curved, flowing installation open to exploration by visitors, upon which video by computational designers biothing was projected to highlight the reflective qualities of the material. the panels of the parametric architecture pavilion themselves are smooth on their exterior, while the inner surface follows a valley of dips and pockets, which is what causes the fascinating play of light on objects visualized through the panels from any angle.
The system permits the precise forming of any mathematically describable design, and individual panels can showcase slightly ‘shifted’ versions of the model, creating the effect of an organically flowing pattern across a building or other large structure. the innovative method also lets designers or architects control the level of opacity of segments of glass, utilizable in creating spaces where certain features are highlighted and others blend off into a blurry play of colour and light. parametric



Project Designer: Ross Lovegrove
Project Team: Christoph Hermann
Client, Production: LASVIT
Graphic Design: Mark Farrow
Projection: Biothing
Photos: Clarence Gorton