procedural architecture and design portfolio by christoph hermann



The task is to focus on the design of inherently adaptive generative designs that intelligently vary general topological schemata across a wide range of parametrically specifiable site-conditions and briefs.

These generative designs can be compared to the small number of fundamental body plans that underlie the inexhaustibly variegated manifold of species that evolved – each within a complementary environmental niche – on the basis of these primary body plans. proto towers are conceived in advance of any specific site information. Therefore the project demonstrates aspects of methodological development of architectural means by parametric modelling. It deals with fundamental subsystems (skeleton , floors, core, void, skin) of large scale building, focusing on a generic structure. The proto-tower is differentiated along the vertical axis as well as along the circumference and other implemented subsystems in a complex correlation of those premises and emerges as a single parametric model. The emergent design occurrence of varied structural systems reflects the multiple inter-articulation, the individual adaptively and the multifunctionality. A multi-layered complexity with a high degree of lawful differentiation constitutes the overall tectonic of the parametric tower.

Thesis Project by Christoph Hermann

Studio Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schuhmacher
University of applied arts l

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